Welcome to my web-page. Have a drink, make yourself at home. Enjoy my little corner of the world wide web. These pages don't get updated all that often, so the information here might be out of date.

I recently started a new company, Ocean Beach Digital which designs and manufactures MIDI accessories. The first product, which was released in September 2010, is a Hammond-organ-style drawbar controller designed specifically for Nord keyboards (which do not have drawbars of their own.)

I also do occsional consulting for Midi9, mostly doing embedded software development for MIDI controllers and player piano mechanisms.

A few years ago I designed and built a crazy lighting controller that was part of a flying saucer I built for Burning Man. The flying saucer only made it to the playa one year (2008) but the controller and most of the animated rope light lives on in the form of the Furrey Surrey (2009, 2010). The lighting controller software was revamped again in 2010 for use on Puff, the dragon-like art car that's part of the Black Rock Lemonade camp. This lighting controller has morphed a few times since then, driving everything from MIDI-controllable fire cannons, to the animated Box Office sign that greets you upon arrival at Burning Man.

Before all that I worked at Qualcomm. I was there for a little over ten years, mostly developing software for their wildly successful OmniTRACS family of vehicle tracking products. I also worked on their not-so-wildly-successful Digital Cinema system.

I have been getting into bicycling the past few years and recently bought a nice road bike. I try to ride a couple times per week, and I've done a couple century rides, including the Tour de Palm Springs.

I also play keyboards in a few San Diego-based bands, currently:
          Travel Agents
          Tic Tac Toast
and formerly:
          The Chi Club



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